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In the new Customer Assistance Program, your affordable monthly payment will be tailored to you – based on your income and household size. On your next bill, expect to see some new improvements to the program and a totally new design, making it easier to read and understand your monthly payments.

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The biggest change is that your new monthly bill will be based on your household income and size, not your average monthly usage. This will help make your monthly payment consistent.

You do not need to re-enroll if you are already a CAP customer. You’ll get a fresh start with the program because your past due amount will be frozen and written off with each full monthly payment you make.

Program Details:

  • Your monthly bill will be a Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP) based on your income and household members making your monthly payment consistent.
  • The difference between your CAP Payment Amount (CPA) and your actual usage equals the CAP Discount.
  • There is an annual MAXIMUM CAP discount based on your income level.
  • When enrolled in the new CAP, you can earn forgiveness over 24 months just by paying your bill every month.
  • You’ll get a fresh start with the program because your past due amount will be frozen and written off with each full monthly payment you make.
  • You’ll need to recertify your income every 24 months (or 6 months if reporting no income).
  • Your minimum monthly payment is based on your rate class — $20 for RS and $40 for RH.

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  • Your CAP bill is simplified giving you a snapshot of your CPA, CAP discount remaining, and the amount of debt forgiven.
  • You can see when your annual CAP discount resets.
  • Several places show your monthly CAP payment, which is the amount due.

Click the SEE BILL button for a close-up look at the new bill with helpful hints on what each section means.

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  • Eligibility is based on income at or below 150% of the federal poverty income guidelines.
  • You must maintain active service with Duquesne Light.
  • Provide income updates anytime your household size or income changes.
  • If your usage significantly increases, you may be required to complete a Smart Comfort visit.
  • You must apply for available grant programs like the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and Dollar Energy Fund (DEF).
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Tips for being a successful CAP Customer

  • Pay your monthly bill on time.
  • Apply for energy assistance grants from LIHEAP and DEF, when available.
  • Conserve electricity.
  • Take advantage of weatherization measures you qualify for.
  • Notify your CAP Case Manager or DLC's Universal Services Center of any change in income,
    residence or number of household members, or if you are experiencing any hardships.
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DLC is here to help!
  • Is there a limit to the amount covered by CAP?
    • Yes, there’s a limit to your annual MAXIMUM CAP discount, but you’ll know exactly how much you’ve used because of the thermometer on the front page of the bill! And, you’ll know when it will reset.
  • What do I need to do?
    • Existing CAP customers will automatically be converted to this new version of CAP and given a fresh start – no need to enroll!
If you have more questions about these CAP changes, reach out to your CAP Case Manager or call 1-888-393-7600.