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If you fall behind on your electric bill, you may qualify for a repayment plan.

A payment arrangement allows you to pay the unpaid balance of the account in installments. The installments are billed along with your current charges, and both must be paid in full each month.

The account holder, persons authorized by the account holder, and any adult occupant may set up a payment arrangement. In order for us to ensure your account privacy is protected, the account holder must provide the last four digits of the account holder's Social Security number and/or a password, if one has been added.

Hard times happen. Duquesne Light is here to help. If you fall behind on your bill or receive a collections notice from us, please call or click here for assistance.

In order for us to provide you with the right payment arrangement, we may ask you for information about the occupants of your home. This may include the names, birthdates, Social Security numbers, and gross (before taxes) monthly income for all adult (18 and over) occupants. Additionally, we may request the birthdates of minor children (under 18 years of age) in the home. Please have this information available when you apply.

Our goal is to provide the best payment arrangement to help you quickly reduce your account balance. Payment arrangements are based on the amount of the balance, income, household size, and your history with prior payment arrangements.

There are several energy assistance programs available that provide grants, reduced monthly payments and ways to reduce your monthly bill. Examples include: DLC's Customer Assistance Program (CAP), Smart Comfort, LIHEAP Cash and Crisis grants, and Dollar Energy Fund.

To see if you qualify for CAP, call a DLC Universal Services representative at 1-888-393-7600. You will need to provide household income and occupant information. Locate a CAP office near you. You must complete an application to enroll in CAP, and a customer service representative at your local office is available to assist you in the process.

To locate a Dollar Energy Fund office location near your home, click on the link below:

Dollar Energy Fund Agencies

For information about other programs that can help, see the Payment Assistance page on our website.

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