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A faster, greener way to pay.

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Budget Billing

Helping you level out life's ups and downs.

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Double Notice Protection

Be the difference in a friend or family member's power staying on.

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Summary Billing

All your service accounts. One monthly payment.

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Electronic Data Interchange

Available to customers who have at least 100 subordinate accounts.

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Make sure your bill always is paid on time.

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Bill-Payer Gift Certificates

Is there someone on your gift list who is going away to school, on a fixed income, or having financial trouble? Our Bill-Payer Gift Certificates are a perfect way to lend a hand. They're applied directly to the recipient's account, and you can purchase them in any amount, starting as low as $5. Click here to download and print the form.

Corrected Bills

A corrected bill may include usage for more than one month of service. When we render a corrected bill or a make-up bill for previously un-billed service or a meter failure, you may be eligible for a payment extension or a payment agreement. To learn if you qualify for an extension or payment agreement, call 412-393-7100 to discuss it with a customer service representative.

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