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What to Expect

  • Improved service and faster restoration
  • Planned outages during upgrade construction (see Storm Plan)
  • Only a limited number of streets will be effected each day, with the streets varying from day to day or week to week
  • On average, customers can expect planned outages ranging from half an hour to eight hours, but in some instances up to 12 hours
  • Regular communication and a seamless process throughout the project

Convenient Communication

  • Daily updates via website and telephone hotline
  • Daily access to project manager
  • Contact Us

Improving Reliability and Service

  • Replace and upgrade equipment
  • Minimize customer impact
  • Seamless work phases

Existing Service

  • Underground, water causes interruptions
  • Difficult to access for maintenance and repairs
  • Equipment is no longer the industry standard

Replacing Equipment: Before and After


New Equipment

  • Proven and recommended utility standard
  • Improved reliability, faster repairs
  • Electric equipment is already part of suburban environment, along with existing phone and television equipment

Examples of Finished Equipment


Landscaping Guidelines

  • Maintain a 10-foot clearance on the front side of the equipment and a 3-foot clearance on all other sides
  • If accessibility does not meet minimum requirements, Duquesne Light may remove any obstructions to safely access and repair equipment
  • Some recommended landscaping may include: annuals, grasses and butterfly bushes

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