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We’re ready to assist you with your service request. Please understand that every electrical construction project is different and there are many variables and obstacles that can arise during a job. These guidelines are provided to you so that you can have a reasonable understanding of the process and are in no way a definitive timeline or company commitment of construction. In an effort to complete the work in a timely manner, please be prepared to have your portion of the construction completed as scheduled, provide us with all of the necessary information as outlined on the Electrical Service Request Form, and provide any inspections that are required for the project. Our goal is to provide you with quality service and construction in the most timely and safest manner possible.

To begin, you will need to submit your request for temporary service, new meter installation, residential subdivision, service revision, removal and demolition. Duquesne Light Company (DLC) representatives are available to consult with you when you're ready to get started. Call our New Business Department at 412-393-4343 between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. One of our New Business Representatives will provide you with a DLC work order number and assign a New Business Account Manager if required. Please allow for at least a 60-day planning period when making your initial call to request service. Depending on your project requirements, this time period could be extended.

When calling, please provide the following:

  • Business/Property Location
  • Billing Information - the name and address of the owner/builder
  • An active DLC account number (if you currently have service with DLC)
  • A description of the scope of work
  • Contact information for callback purposes and correspondence
  • Email address is available

DLC aims to respond to construction requests within 1-2 weeks depending on the volume of requests received.

Note: Make sure to provide the DLC Work Order number to those involved with the project including engineers, electricians, etc. so that they can refer to it when corresponding with DLC personnel.

Work Request Type

DLC's New Business Representative will categorize work requests as follows:

  • Service Drops/Laterals: Metered and unmetered installations that are limited to single phase service, adequate facilities within 100 feet and no permits/rights-of-way required.
  • Simple Designs: Metered and unmetered services that may involve single and/or three phase installations, poles, transformers and typically do not impact circuit loading.
  • All Others: Metered and unmetered installations that may include a new development, underground service involving street repair, downtown network jobs, jobs requiring underground manholes or multiple transformers, and any job requiring circuit upgrades.

Services Identified as a Service Drop/Lateral Work Request

If identified as a Service Drop/Lateral Job which does require a field visit, the request will be scheduled with the DLC Service Center once the wiring approval and Residential Rewire Form, if applicable, is received. To determine if your work request requires a field visit, please review the questions below. If the answer to ANY of the questions is NO, please call 412-393-4343.

  • Will the point of attachment to the building remain the same?
  • Is the service 200 amps or less?
  • Is there one meter involved?
  • Is this a single family dwelling?
  • Is the meter outside?
  • Is the building heating source something other than electric?

If the answer to all of the questions is YES, please use the Electrical & Inspectors login in order to complete the Residential Rewire in Place Form. Once logged in, you will need to supply the following information:

Residential Rewire Form Example

If identified as a Service Drop/Lateral Work request which requires a field visit, typically the job will be assigned to the DLC Service Center for completion.

Note: In order for DLC to make final electrical connections, all work must be inspected by an electrical inspector approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. Please contact the local municipality in which you are performing the work to determine if there are any restrictions.

Services Identified as a Simple Work Request

If identified as a Simple Work request, typically the request will be assigned to the DLC Service Center for completion.

Services Defined as All Others

If identified as an All Other request, a DLC Account Manager will be assigned to your project. Your DLC Account Manager will contact you to discuss project details such as the date you need service turned on and the meter installed. In most cases, a field meeting is required to assess site conditions. These types of projects are usually large in nature and require a number of action steps to construct and complete the work request. To help provide you with an overview of the process, the following guidelines will help you get started.

Download, complete and return the Electric Service Request Form to your DLC Representative or technician assigned to the project if increasing service or installing new service

Please provide accurate information for the following:

  • Permanent service address information
  • Billing address information (including Tax Payer ID or EIN number)
  • Contact information
  • Building information
  • Electrical requirements (voltage)
  • Connected load breakdown
  • Service size
  • Right of way information
  • Cost letter information
  • Additional information for consideration (other information DLC may need to be aware of for scheduling purposes or job completion)

Provide the site plan to the DLC Representative or technician assigned to the project. An AutoCAD 2000 version of the plan is preferred. Once Duquesne Light receives the plan, a representative or a technician will contact you to review and/or schedule a site meeting. Depending on the volume of requests received, scheduled lead time for a site meeting is approximately 2 to 3 weeks. Duquesne Light will determine the engineering and design of the service and the size of the transformer. This process may take several weeks to several months to complete depending on the size of the project and volume of requests received.

Customers are entitled to one engineering cost analysis with a maximum of two cost options. If any additional engineering analysis is requested due to a change in the customer's plans, the customer will pay for all additional engineering and administrative costs.

DLC will send a cost letter to the owner/builder or person identified on the Electric Service Request Form. A cost figure will not be provided until engineering is complete and the job has been approved by DLC. DLC will not provide an estimated cost prior to the job being engineered in its entirety. Project material, transformers, switches, etc. will not be ordered until the required payment is received by DLC, the Service Request Form is received and an approved site plan for locating DLC Equipment has been completed.

The lead time for a transformer varies widely depending on the size required. All lead times represent the minimum time required from the time all relevant information is received by the Engineering Department. The lead times are based on the ordering and delivery of equipment, preparation of final design plans, and investigation and preparation of Right-of-Way Documents. Lead times could be longer based on obtaining proper signatures for Right-of-Way Documents and receiving wiring inspection approval for customer installed equipment.

  • New Company/Customer Substation: 18-24 months
  • New URD Plan: 6-8 months
  • Underground Work Requests with over 1,000 feet of cable: 12-18 months
  • Pad Transformer Work Requests under 750 kVA (totally enclosed): 2-4 months
  • Pad Transformer Work Requests over 750 kVA (totally enclosed): 12-18 months
  • Base Mount Transformer Work Requests under 750 kVA (totally enclosed): 6-12 months
  • Base Mount Transformer Work Requests over 750 kVA (totally enclosed): 6-12 months
  • Network Transformer Work Requests: 6-12 months
  • Any Work Requests requiring Right-of-Way Documents: 2-4 months
  • Simple addition or change of Overhead Transformer and Service: 2-4 weeks
  • Simple Service: 1-2 weeks

If necessary, DLC will initiate municipal rights-of-way permits including appropriate approvals, any federal, state, county or city permits and any rights-of-way agreements required.

DLC will send two copies of the right-of-way agreement to the property owner. The agreements must be signed, notarized, and returned to DLC's Right-of-Way Department before the work request will be scheduled.

The customer is normally responsible for securing a road opening permit for their work within the road right of way. If the customer is unable to secure the permit because of governmental regulations and policies, DLC will endeavor to secure the permit at the customer's expense provided the customer enters into an agreement protecting DLC during the period of responsibility for the term of the permit.

Upon receipt of the agreements from DLC's Right of Way Department, please be sure to complete:

  • The necessary customer signatures
  • The insurance certificate
  • The cost of the permit
  • The cost of the recording fees

Customerowned/installed equipment, transformer pads, switch pads, etc. will need to be inspected and approved by a DLC technician. A wiring approval/inspection from the Borough, Township or City Inspector is also required. This may take place prior to or during construction depending on the scope of work.

At the time of inspection, you will need to provide the inspector with the DLC Work Order number associated with the project

Your electrical contractor or electrician should contact DLC's Metering Department at 412-393-8713 to arrange and/or schedule the delivery of any metering equipment required for the project.

Examples for when unmetered services may be installed are as follows:

  • Traffic Signals
  • Safety Zone Lighting
  • Illuminated Highway Warning Signs
  • Navigation Lights on Bridges
  • Cable TV Equipment (i.e. boosters)
  • Telephone Booths and Rectifiers
  • Fire Sirens
  • Air Raid Sirens
  • Billboard Lighting
  • Cathodic Protection Equipment
  • Monuments, etc.
  • Small Public Park Services Consumption
  • Temporary Services for Christmas Lighting, Street Fairs, Carnivals and Rummage Sales
  • Municipal and City of Pittsburgh Street Lighting
  • Private Property Lighting

The job will be sent to DLC's Underground and/or Overhead Scheduler when:

  • The right-of-way agreements are signed and returned to DLC
  • The customer-owned equipment has been completely installed
  • The customer-owned equipment is inspected by DLC and a local Borough, Township or City Inspector
  • All charges and fees are paid in full

Typically, construction lead time is 3 to 4 weeks once the job is released for scheduling.

Note: Lead time can vary significantly depending upon volume, weather and time of year.

Depending on the scope of the work request, construction can typically be completed within 7 to 10 days. In the event of inclement weather, emergent work, equipment failures or customer outages due to a storm or disaster, resources may be reassigned as needed and construction delays are likely to occur. An extended outage may be required to energize the new service. DLC will try to schedule around a neighboring customer's operating hours if they will be affected by the outage.

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