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Our commitment to helping you manage your electric use is stronger than ever and our Watt Choices program makes it easy to be efficient. Watt Choices invites residential, commercial and industrial customers to take advantage of a wide range of energy efficiency, conservation and demand-response measures.

By participating in these programs, customers are not only learning ways to conserve energy, they also are reducing their overall impact on the environment through reduced power plant emissions and load reduction.

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Residential Rebates

Savings on programmable thermostats, dehumidifiers, refrigerators and more.

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Business Rebates

Available on a wide range of energy-saving devices businesses use.

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Energy-Efficient Product Marketplace

Compare appliances by energy efficiency, user reviews, features and price.

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Appliance Recycling

Recycle your old, working refrigerator or freezer and we'll pay you $35.

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Whole-House Energy Audit

Learn how you can make your home more comfortable, reduce electricity use, and save money.

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Online Home Audit

This interactive analysis details ways you can save energy and money.

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Instant CFL/LED Savings

Discounts are available at our Watt Choices retail partners.

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Other Business Options

Lighting, refrigeration, energy audits and more.

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