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You can choose the company that generates your electricity, also known as an "electric generation supplier" or EGS. Choice means that you can make decisions based on what is most important to you. And that’s important to us. Having choice means that you can shop around for the price and type of service that best suits your needs. Just like when you're shopping for a new car or mobile phone contract, different things will be important to you - things that might not be important to your friends or neighbors. Some things that might be important to you are:

  • Different combinations of service and price.
  • Where the energy is produced.
  • Is the rate fixed for a period of time or does it vary from month to month?
  • Whether the supplier contributes to the Pennsylvania economy.
  • Uses of renewable energy sources.
  • Whether the supplier offers a budget billing plan.
  • You may save money
  • You can choose how your electricity is generated

How It Works

As your current electric company ("electric distribution company" or EDC) Duquesne Light will continue to provide the transmission and distribution parts of your electric service. Additionally, the Public Utility Commission (PUC) will continue to oversee electric service in Pennsylvania. The quality, reliability and safety of your electric service will not change under Electric Choice.

Before Electric Choice, your local utility generated electricity and delivered it to your home. Here's how getting electricity used to work:

Electric Generation Process - Old Way

Under the Pennsylvania Electric Choice Program, you can pick from a variety of electric generation suppliers (EGSs) to produce your electric power. EDCs like Duquesne Light will deliver it to your home or business.  Here's how getting your electricity works today:

Electric Generation Process - New Way

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