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Keeping customers connected to a secure, reliable source of electricity is Duquesne Light's primary goal. A major part of that commitment is ensuring that our electrical infrastructure -- the wires, transformers, substations, poles and other equipment that make up the company's transmission and distribution system delivers power safely and reliably to your home. As a result, from time to time we must repair and enhance our system.

While our infrastructure continues to serve customers well for decades, from time to time we proactively replace equipment in order to maintain the levels of service and reliability that you've come to expect from Duquesne Light, and to ensure that the region will be able to meet the expanded energy demands of the new century. 

General Project Information

Current Infrastructure Projects

For more detail related to how a project may affect you, please read the project names listed below. In the event that you need to notify us of any medical restrictions, please call the hotline telephone number for your project. 


Roberts Plan No. 3 (Carnegie)

Duquesne Light plans to upgrade to new pad-mounted transformers and replace existing underground electrical wiring throughout the Roberts Plan No. 3 along Ray Drive, Edward Drive, Center Avenue, Reamer Drive, Roberta Drive and Huron Drive. We plan to use the existing underground conduit, to the extent possible, along these roads. However, some new conduit and wiring will be required at the new pad mounted transformer locations.

SPECIAL NOTE:   As of November 15, construction work in the Roberts Plan No.3 is now suspended.  Therefore, there will be no further scheduled outages this year.    Work is scheduled to resume sometime in the Spring.   Please check this hotline in early March 2017 for future updates.   Thank you for your continued patience as we upgrade your electrical equipment.

Hotline: 412-393-6810

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