Home Energy Center

Brewing a morning pot of coffee. Emailing a friend. Watching your favorite TV show. Reading a bedtime story to your children. Electricity helps make a typical day typical.

Take a quick look around your home and your workplace and you'll notice the many things — besides lights — that are powered by electricity.

At Duquesne Light, we're dedicated to providing our customers a secure supply of reasonably priced power. We're also committed to helping you make the most out of every dollar you spend on energy.

Our Home Energy Center provides a wide range of easy-to-use tools to help you to evaluate and manage your home energy use.

- Your Electric Usage

To have a better understanding of your actual electric use by date, view a history of your energy consumption.

- Home Energy Calculator

How much energy does your home use? Try this calculator to learn how you can manage your electric bill by using energy wisely.

- 'Vampire' Energy Use Calculator

Did you know some appliances, like televisions and computers, use electricity even when they are turned off? Use this calculator to learn how you can save money by reducing the flow of electricity to all types of energy vampires!

- Appliance Calculator

Here's a quick way to get a feel for what your home's appliances cost to operate.

- Lighting Calculator

Learn how much you can save by switching to compact fluorescent bulbs.

- Easy Wise-Use Tips

This guide provides a variety of practical tips you can use around your home to help manage your monthly energy bills.

- Interactive Home

Take an interactive journey through a typical residence to better understand where and how energy is used.

- Home Energy Systems

This extensive library provides tons of information about how energy is used in your home.

- Fundamentals of Electricity

You can find a wide range of basic electricity fundamentals here, including how utilities generate and deliver power to customers.

- Kids Korner

These fun activities for children of all ages provide information about energy efficiency, safety and a wide range of other topics.

- PAPowerSwitch.com

This new Public Utility Commission website helps consumers shop for power suppliers. When you click on "Shop for Electricity" and plug in your ZIP code, the site will give you a list of suppliers and current prices for residential and commercial service.

- OCA Electric Shopping Guide

This free online guide, available on the website of the Pennsylvania Office of Consumer Advocate, www.oca.state.pa.us, provides "apples-to-apples" price comparisons for alternative energy suppliers in each utility's service area.

- KeystoneHELP

This program enables homeowners to borrow money at low interest rates to purchase new Energy Star-rated appliances or to make home improvements that conserve energy.

- Look for the Energy Star Label

Energy Star products and appliances may have a higher up-front cost, but that cost will be more than offset by energy savings over the life of the product or appliance.