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Low Income Home Energy Assistance Crisis Grant Program

The LIHEAP Crisis Program is administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare. The first day you can apply for the LIHEAP Crisis Program is Jan. 2, 2014. If you've applied and been approved for a LIHEAP cash grant and still need more help, the LIHEAP Crisis Program may be able to assist you if you have an emergency situation and are in jeopardy of losing your heat.

Emergency situations include:

If you are without heat or are in danger of being without heat, you can request a LIHEAP crisis grant in one of the following ways:

To apply for a Crisis grant, you will need

Greater Pittsburgh East District Liberty District
5947 Penn Avenue 332 Fifth Avenue, 3rd floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15206-3844 Pittsburgh, PA 15222-3793
412-645-7400 or 7401 412-565-2652
Fax 412-645-7008 Fax 412-565-5088
Southeast District Southern District
220 Sixth Street 332 Fifth Avenue Suite 230
McKeesport, PA, 15132-2720 Pittsburgh, PA 15222-1259
412-664-6800 or 6801 412-565-7755
Fax 412-664-5218 Fax 412-565-5179
Alle-Kiski District Beaver County
909 Industrial Blvd 171 Virginia Avenue
New Kensington, PA 15068-0132 Rochester, PA 15074
724-339-6800 or 1-800-622-3527 724-773-7495 or 1-800-653-3129
Fax 724-339-6850 Fax 724-773-7859

Remember: you have the RIGHT TO CHOOSE Duquesne Light Company to receive your LIHEAP grant. You can direct your Crisis grant to be paid directly to Duquesne Light or you can split your grant between the electric company and your gas company.

*Subject to change yearly.