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On Sept. 12, Duquesne Light, in partnership with the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership (PDP), hosted a special electric vehicle (EV) event in downtown Pittsburgh’s Market Square. The event featured local dignitaries and dozens of EV supporters and vendors that are working alongside DLC to make vehicle electrification an important part of Pittsburgh’s energy future.

Nearly 15 different vehicle models, including compact, full-size sedan and SUVs, were on display from seven different car dealerships including Honda, Toyota and Tesla, to name a few. Attendees had the opportunity to ride in and test drive EVs as well as take a ride on eBikes, eBoards and eScooters that were at the event. A highlight of the event was DLC’s announcement that it would be partnering with the Pittsburgh Parking Authority in the installation of eight new charging stations in downtown garages, each capable of charging two vehicles simultaneously.

“This marked Duquesne Light’s first electric vehicle event where we worked with local automotive dealerships,” said Sarah Olexsak, Manager, Transportation Electrification. “Building strong relationships with these companies will play a critical role in our success of getting more electric vehicles on the road in Pittsburgh.”

Speakers during the event included Olexsak; Campbell Hawkins, Vice President, Customer Service; Jeremy Waldrup, President and CEO, Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership; Karina Ricks, Director, Mobility and Infrastructure, City of Pittsburgh; and Dave Onorato, Executive Director, Pittsburgh Parking Authority.

During his remarks, Hawkins shared that EVs are growing in popularity and DLC wants to be in a position to accommodate them. “We believe over the next 20 years there are going to be 100,000 EVs in our territory, so it’s important for us to think about the infrastructure needed to support that growth in our market.”

Following the speakers, Duquesne Light employees were on-hand to provide demonstrations of the Company’s plug-in hybrid bucket truck, distribute free nightlights and lightbulbs and talk with attendees about DLC’s EV strategy.

To learn more about Duquesne Light’s EV commitment, click the following link.

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