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For the second time this summer, a group of Duquesne Light employees partnered with 412 Food Rescue to gather unused and overlooked produce throughout the City of Pittsburgh as part of the organization’s Hidden Harvest program.

The mission of 412 Food Rescue is to reduce food insecurity in surrounding communities by providing at-risk individuals with healthy food options. Through its Hidden Harvest program, volunteers collect fruits and vegetables from public and privately owned trees, orchards, farms and gardens. The produce then is donated to organizations that assist those in need.

On July 26, DLC employees traveled to Point Breeze, where they spent the afternoon harvesting crabapples from city-owned trees. Nearly 315 pounds were collected and donated to a local cider house. Profits gained from cider made with the produce will be donated back to 412 Food Rescue.

Throughout the summer, DLC employee volunteers will continue harvesting produce from pre-identified trees around the City of Pittsburgh that would otherwise go to waste. Apples, mulberries, crabapples and cherries will be collected at two additional Hidden Harvest events.

Last year, more than 10,500 pounds of fruit was collected through the Hidden Harvest program. In addition, the organization has several other programs which help reduce food waste and insecurity throughout the area. To learn more, visit the 412 Food Rescue website.

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