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For nearly 30 years, Duquesne Light (DLC) employee volunteers have helped keep Pittsburgh’s rivers and shorelines clean by participating in the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Committee’s (ORSANCO) annual River Sweep initiative.

On June 15, nearly 40 employees from departments across the Company partnered with two local nonprofit organizations, Friends of the Riverfront and Allegheny CleanWays, to participate in this year’s event. Both organizations are dedicated to keeping the region’s rivers and shorelines clear of litter and debris as well as beautifying the surrounding trails.

As a city that’s defined by its rivers, many Pittsburgh residents – especially those who regularly use the riverfront areas for recreation – are very appreciative of those who help keep it clean by removing trash and other debris. Several individuals who were biking, walking or running along the trail while the volunteers were working stopped to express their gratitude.

By the end of the day, volunteers collected more than 15 cubic yards, or roughly 75 bags, of trash. Along with the expected trash and debris, such as fallen tree limbs, plastic bottles and fast food waste, several unusual items were collected, including the leg of a baby doll, a deflated basketball, a military duffle bag and a child’s plastic bench.

In addition to removing trash and debris along the shore, employees took to the river on a pontoon boat to remove litter directly from the water. The also beautified the trail through tasks such as mulching, planting flowers and trimming overgrown vegetation. 

As part of its longstanding tradition, Duquesne Light will continue to play an important role in keeping Pittsburgh’s rivers, shorelines and trails clear of trash and debris in support of local recreation and promotion of environmental sustainability.

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