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PITTSBURGH -- The Board of Directors of Duquesne Light Company authorized the redemption of all issued and outstanding shares of DLC’s 3.75% Preferred Stock, 4.10% Preferred Stock, 4.15% Preferred Stock, 4.20% Preferred Stock and $2.10 Preferred Stock.  Each holder of shares of those series of preferred stock will receive the redemption price described in DLC’s articles of incorporation, as well as accrued and unpaid dividends to the date of redemption (i.e., for the period from Oct. 1, 2017, to Nov. 9, 2017).  The amount to be paid in respect of each share of Preferred Stock on the redemption date (Nov. 9, 2017) is as follows:

                                       Prorated Dividend                       Redemption                Total Amount
Class of Stock                     per Share                                    Price                           per Share
3.75% Preferred                   $0.203125                             $51.000000                   $51.203125
4.10% Preferred                   $0.222083                             $51.750000                   $51.972083
4.15% Preferred                   $0.224792                              $51.730000                   $51.954792
4.20% Preferred                  $0.227500                             $51.710000                    $51.937500
$2.10 Preferred                    $0.227500                             $51.840000                   $52.067500         

About Duquesne Light Company
Duquesne Light Company is committed to more than keeping the lights on; it powers the moments in its customers’ lives. As a next generation energy company, Duquesne Light Company’s nearly 1,500 employees are dedicated to delivering reliable and safe energy to more than a half a million customers in southwestern Pennsylvania.